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Opinion Piece

27th June 2022

Brian Tamaki

Freedom of Expression is long dead in our country if our politicians’ actions are anything to go by.

What took place this weekend with the National Party should concern us all. By now we should all have woken up to the fact that the Labour party does not believe in upholding our NZ Bill of Rights. Now we also have Christopher Luxon and National Party singing from the same cancel culture song sheet. They may say you have freedom of choice, but that’s just lip service. It seems that’s only applicable if you choose what they deem acceptable. Otherwise, this cancel culture amongst our politicians…cancels you!

Simon O’Connor, the National MP for the Tamaki electorate, dared to post on Saturday five simple words “Today is a good day”. A simple post surrounded by pink love hearts, and he didn’t even take the time to use any punctuation. If he was really trying to be provocative perhaps he could have dared to use an exclamation mark, lol. For goodness sake…it was a Saturday morning…he could have been happy about a whole host of things, but of course, everyone was looking for a home-based martyr to attack regarding an offshore Roe legal decision that has left-leaning liberals worldwide riled.

Whether you believe in abortion or not is beside the point…Freedom of expression and Freedom of thought, conscience and religion have been cancelled in our country.

Whether you subscribe to religion or not, you must acknowledge that a good portion of New Zealand still holds true to Christian beliefs (37% in the 2018 census), so shouldn’t at least a reflective portion of MPs (37%) be allowed to represent those with Christian beliefs and publicly say-so, without being bullied, muzzled and cancelled?

Yet, this simple post has caused such an uproar, followed by prompt bullying from Christopher Luxon who told Simon O’Connor to cancel his post as he is not towing the party line…in Luxon’s words, he ”does not represent the position of the National Party.”

Which begs the question…who decided that politicians should be prohibited from expressing their own personal beliefs, and who dreamed up the concept that all politicians should always only tow the party line?

The actions of Christopher Luxon show he is yet another puppet master, just without the lipstick and skirt. National is more like Labour than most naively care to believe. A National-led government at Election 2023 will be just as bad, if not worse, than a Labour-led government.

What we are hearing from grassroots Kiwis is that they are sick of this. They are desperate for politicians who do not tow the party line, that are free from control and bold enough to speak up when they don’t agree with something. We voted politicians in to represent us the people, not to only represent their archaic parties!

Democracy has been killed in NZ. Politicians have forgotten who they are supposed to represent.

Our political system and ‘The Establishment’ (ie. all existing political parties in government) need to be removed and we need a fresh start. We need to rebuild a new political system that is representative of the people.

It’s time for a massive third party to come through the middle of red and blue, a party that truly represents the people, that unites minor parties and allows freedom of expression amongst these minor parties that is reflective of the varying values and beliefs of the New Zealanders they each represent.

Our advice to Simon O’Connor…it’s time to leave behind the cancel culture that is the National Party, and come join the people’s movement that will allow freedom of expression, freedom of thought, conscience and religion. We’re here ready to talk when you are.

Watch this space, we will be announcing soon stage one of the minor parties we are uniting together with this purpose in mind. We are establishing a new political movement that will sweep this nation and allow the voices of the people to be heard loud and clear…finally!

Be a part of this fresh, innovative new move. Text SUPPORT to 5477 to join a Freedom Connect group in your local electorate…you will be the force behind this new move.

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