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1st November 2021

Media Statement

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

Today, the New Zealand Police have arrested our MC who entertained and hosted last Saturday’s protest picnic and march at the Auckland Domain. He has now been released from custody and both he and one other male will appear in court before a judge tomorrow.

The criminalisation of everyday hardworking Kiwis is a travesty. This is not why the Police exist in the first place. The NZ Police code of conduct states it is their purpose to ensure all people in New Zealand are safe and feel safe. The public is saying loud and clear through these protests, we no longer feel safe under the control this government is exerting over us. The Police should be doing more to protect the public, rather than protecting Politicians.

As evidenced by over 50,000 who protested around the whole country on Saturday, many of us in the public are quickly losing trust and confidence in the Police, and their reputation is now tarnished, as they continue to exercise undue enforcement and control on good, honest, upright and outstanding members of society.

On one hand, frontline Police are working with our organisers, they acknowledge our rights to protest, even providing Police escorts for our march, they thank our teams for how safely we run our protests, and then the next minute they turn around and prosecute us. How can our Police be so schizophrenic in their behaviour?

Hundreds congregated at a speedway in Nelson yesterday breaking COVID-19 restrictions, but the police don’t bat an eyelid. Instead, they are more interested in charging those at the Nelson protest we hosted.

Over 50% of Kiwis admit in recent polls that they continually breach the COVID restrictions, and hundreds continue to congregate around Auckland beaches and parks every day, but the police do nothing again.

Crowds can protest in Epsom about a rehabilitation building being closed and they can breach COVID-19 restrictions, but the police do nothing again.

So it would seem that the police only really take significant action when people are standing up against this government’s control, like how The Freedoms & Rights Coalition movement are doing. Even when the coalition takes all possible measures to encourage people to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite all of this, we don’t believe that the majority of the NZ Police joined the force to arrest good people. There are many good people within the police ranks.

Apostle Brian Tamaki was told by a senior Police Officer when arrested, “You don’t deserve to be in’re a good man.”

Other organisers charged and arrested have also experienced Police Officers in tears stating “this is wrong...I should not be arresting or charging you.”

Many of the Police also don’t agree with the nationwide vaccination mandates and new segregation rules about to be imposed on society under the proposed traffic light system. It is only a matter of time before these officers in the force gain the courage to stand up and say ‘No More!’ The Freedoms & Rights Coalition team are already planning to support these brave Police men and women.

It’s clear that even our enforcement officers are feeling the pressure, they are feeling bullied from above. Where is all this bullying coming all quickly tracks back to the beehive, and namely the Queen Bee herself, Jacinda!

The Bully is not going to scare us away from continuing to stand.

No matter how many people they continue to charge as organisers and attendees, there are thousands of other courageous souls waiting in the wings to step up and fill the gap.

Covid is not killing us, control is killing us!

The control exerted over businesses, and how they can operate, is killing many businesses.

The control exerted over families, is killing the spirit within many families as they are prohibited from being able to farewell loved ones, to comfort and nurse each other through sickness, or to be present at life-changing milestones like births, weddings, and significant occasions.

The control exerted over workers across many professions is killing people’s hope, their purpose in life, their careers, their financial stability...and driving many into depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. The list goes on and on across all sectors of society where control is killing New Zealanders.

We the people, won’t stop standing until the control stops!

We the people demand our freedoms and rights back!

We the people never gave this government such overreaching powers. They have extorted unvetted powers from a naive nation.

We the people, will not allow this government to control us, or to strangle us to the point we can no longer breathe. These COVID-19 Public Health Response bills in their various forms, and the resulting orders, are killing our country! These documents are allowing this government to do everything possible to exert control over us. These bills and orders need to be ripped up immediately as they violate our freedoms and rights under the NZ Bill of Rights. These bills and orders are criminal. They are legitimising unlawful control.

We the people want these COVID-19 Public Health Response Bills and Orders immediately repealed and ripped up.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition will be marching to Parliament on Tuesday 9th November 2021 to declare ‘NO MORE CONTROL.’ Anyone who feels ‘controlled’ by this government is invited to join us!

Stay tuned to The Freedoms & Rights Coalition communication platforms to hear more details coming soon.

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