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12th October 2022

From the desk of Brian Tamaki

It’s time to call out the Climate Fraud on all of this methane madness being ram-raided through by Labour. For a long time, there has been cross-party support for the Net Carbon Zero by 2050 agenda, and it’s time a true opposition party stepped up and fronted this debate against Labour, Greens, National, ACT and Māori party. Our newly formed Freedoms New Zealand umbrella party is up for the task.

The new tax on livestock is now making us a worldwide laughingstock. Jacinda, the ever-faithful protégé of Helen Clark, rolled out their agricultural emissions tax yesterday, which has been 20 years in the making since Helen first introduced the concept of a “fart tax” in the 2000s. We all laughed at the time, thinking the idea was beyond ridiculous, believing we would not be this stupid as a nation. Since then, we’ve been fed a steady stream of climate change cornflakes for over 20 years by our propaganda perpetrators and politicians. After all, the law of propaganda is “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” Now, what once seemed inconceivable (fart tax), is believable to much of the public.

I’ve talked with experts in the climate change field, as this heralded climate crisis just hasn’t sat right with me. In 2019 Jacinda said she absolutely believed climate change was the "biggest challenge of our time" and the "nuclear moment" for this generation. In our research here are a few things I’ve found out.

New Zealand produces 0.17% (that’s less than 1/4) of 1% of world emissions.

There is no climate emergency, there is not even a climate concern. The history of the Earth’s climate and basic physics prove that, beyond all reasonable doubt. Many thousands of scientists agree wholeheartedly with this assessment. Claims of a “97% scientific consensus” that there is a climate emergency is a lie.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), PM Jacinda Ardern and Climate Change Minister James Shaw were sent 18 months ago the latest peer-reviewed scientific papers that prove, consistent with the scientific method, that there is no climate emergency, and that the claims of warming due to human activities are grossly exaggerated.

The National party is no better – it has gone along with this nonsense, and just a few weeks ago, Christopher Luxon stated that National was still committed to Net Carbon Zero by 2050.

Net Carbon Zero by 2050 is simply technically not feasible, and to even attempt it seriously, there would be environmental devastation, and the country and its citizens would be bankrupted.

Freedoms NZ can say this, because it, and its component parties, are the only political movement or party in New Zealand that follows and defends the scientific method, at the core of which is the freedom to question, and have free and open debate.

I personally believe that decarbonising the planet will be way more damaging than any so-called effects of climate change. But I do believe in environmental responsibility.

The gases that are under attack, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), do not control the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. In fact, these gases are key to the maintenance of life on Earth. CO2 is not a pollutant – it is the main plant food. It is, along with water and oxygen, the basis of life. Without CO2, all plants and phytoplankton would die, and as a consequence, so would all the animals and fish.

Under all realistic scenarios, it is impossible for human activities to double the CH4 and N2O concentrations in the atmosphere, at least for many hundreds of years. But if we did double these concentrations, what would the effect be? The maximum temperature increase from a doubling of methane, including all water vapour feedback effects, is 0.06 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature increase from a doubling of nitrous oxide, including all water feedback effects, is 0.08 degrees Celsius.

There is so much that I could elaborate on here, but I don’t want to bore you with all the science. When Freedoms NZ rolls out our climate policy, you will see all of the detailed science behind our solutions.

In the meantime, ACT party is clearly no better than the Greens, Labour and National. Not only can it not understand basic science or common sense, it advocates the genetic mutation of grasses, animals and gut bacteria to reduce a gas that is part of the natural life cycle.

In contrast to the establishment parties, Freedoms NZ embraces life, and the processes that maintain life and the natural environment on Earth, and true environmentalism.

We also wholeheartedly support farmers, and the production of nutritious and absolutely essential meat and dairy products.

Unlike Federated Farmers, Beef + Lamb and DairyNZ, we will never betray farmers. We will not tax them for breeding and raising essential farm animals. We will never tax them for cutting down wilding pines. We will stop any more essential farmland from being planted in ‘carbon sink’ tree monocultures.

Hundreds of thousands of Kiwi land is consistently being brought by foreign owners and converted to carbon farming. As a nation, we are having to prop up the rest of the world in their flawed carbon credit conquests. This has tied up tens of thousands of prime NZ farmland for 30 years where this land cannot be touched. In order for all these political parties to reach their 2050 goal of net zero carbon, reports say an additional 770,000 ha of Kiwi land needs to be planted in new pines. New Zealand will go from being a nation of potholes and road cones to being a population of pines. What a rort these carbon credits are, with the one-percenters amongst us creaming the cash.

It is rich for Federated Farmers (the organisation, not the poor betrayed membership) to now complain about methane taxes. Just weeks ago, Federated Farmers and Beef + Lamb came out in support of the Government’s disastrous intent to attack methane.

To repeat, there is absolutely no climate emergency, methane and nitrous oxide from agriculture pose absolutely no threat at all and are natural components of life on Earth, and Freedoms NZ will fully protect our farmers, other producers and our farmland. Through that, we will protect the interests of, in fact, the very existence of, “small town New Zealand”.

Freedoms NZ will be expanding on this climate fraud at our public event in Auckland on 24 October.

We will then be releasing a comprehensive policy regarding the climate issue, and our precarious electricity generation situation, with comprehensive scientific information in support. We also have direct personal contact with the very best climate scientists in the world – the real ones.

Soon after that, we will be in a position to challenge Ardern, Shaw, Luxon and Seymour to full public debate. A full public debate on CO2, CH4, N2O and Net Carbon Zero by 2050. We can’t wait.

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