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Frequently Asked Questions...

How will the Gridlock work? Will it be a complete standstill?

The gridlock will be a slop moving loop for you to join in on from your respective suburb. Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Tractors...all are welcome.

The reason this is not a standstill is that we still want to be responsible in terms of health and safety and be able to make way for any emergency services, or allow people to use the motorways and streets/exits if need be.


How will the Auckland gridlock work specifically?

In Auckland specifically it will be a slow moving loop @ 50km/h on the motorway in both directions as per the below map. 

The lead vehicles will be leaving Manukau central heading north on both motorways respectively. From there you are welcome to enter the motorway and join in behind the lead motorcade vehicles and you can exit at any time.

How do we receive comms on the day?

From 11am we will have a live stream operating from our studio where our team will provide regular updates and footage from around the country.  In case families don't have a lot of data, we will give updates every quarter hour so the motorcade vehicles can know when the gridlock may cease, or how long it may continue for.

How long will the gridlock take? 

We have calculated that the full Auckland motorway loop from start to finish will be approximately two hours.  We'd encourage vehicles to keep going around in this circuit for as long as possible.  You may need to stop off for the odd toilet stop etc, but then please join back in.  Be prepared for a full day nevertheless. Pack some snacks and drinks for the kids, get your playlist ready.  Have fun along the way, toot that horn when you see a sign you agree with.


Why are you doing a gridlock? 

We have four demands of the government: 

  1. Remove vaccination mandates immediately 

  2. Revoke the discriminating traffic light system 

  3. Move NZ to level 1 NOW

  4. Remove the Auckland borders!


We the people have been calling out these demands for weeks now with no recognition from our government. We need them to understand that we are serious and that we deserve to be heard.  We don't want to gridlock the city of Auckland, but we need to send a strong message to this government that we will continue to take action until such time as they make moves to listen to us, and engage with us.


What if I can’t take part in the Gridlock? How can I still support the day?

If you can’t be a part of the vehicle convoys, you can support by making signs and waiting on overbridges and streets where your regional gridlock route is taking place. You can also take part in our national live stream via our facebook, instagram and youtube platforms. From there, share with your friends and family and get our message out there.


Should we bring signs and flags for our vehicles?

Absolutely! We recommend purchasing car window markers and spreading the same 4 key messages: 1. Remove vaccination mandates, 2. Move NZ to level 1, 3. Revoke the discriminating traffic light system and 4. Remove the Auckland borders!  The Freedoms & Rights Coalition team also have some FREE TO DRIVE carflags still available for sale if you'd like to buy them at $15.00 each.  Please purchase through the website and select click and collect. 


What is the Auckland route? 

Map route below:

Motorcade Map.png
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