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Calling out Chris: Defend our Freedom of Speech, Defend our Democracy

Press Release

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

11th February 2024

Brian Tamaki, founder of The Freedoms & Rights Coalition, and a Vocal Advocate for Change, continues his legacy of leading a robust protest movement with a set of rolling protests planned over March 2024.


"I have stood for our freedoms & rights since 2004 with the Enough is Enough march, and again in 2024 I must stand yet again," declares Tamaki. "PM Christopher Luxon is betraying the voters. He is destroying free speech. He is destroying democracy. We must take action."


“I thought we might get to hang up our protest signs for a bit under a National-led government, but that is not the case. Luxon shows signs of continuing with a similar liberal, socialist, globalist agenda as that of Jacinda.”


“Kiwis voted Luxon and National in, to get Labour, Ardern & Hipkins out…how dare he now invite the monster (Ardern) back in, at the taxpayer’s expense.”


Destroying Freedom & Speech

Tamaki accuses Luxon of eroding freedom of speech through Luxon's consideration of Jacinda Ardern's continued role as the Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call. The Christchurch Call was originally intended to combat extremist terrorism online after the Christchurch mosque massacre.  “Yet, it’s now veered sharply off track to target areas such as gender-based ‘hatred’ online and AI.”


“For those of us with differing opinions, particularly conservative or Christian views, we are directly in the firing line of Jacinda and her Christchurch Call action team.” Tamaki goes on to say with a cheeky smile,  “I’m not surprised she’s coming after people like me, and wants to shut us down online…if anyone has been a vocal opponent and constant thorn in her side over the years, it’s likely been me with all the protests I organised while she was PM.”


"Luxon is destroying freedom of speech allowing Jacinda Ardern to be his Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call," Tamaki asserted. ‘This is a role appointed by the PM, directly reporting to the PM and his office. This Christchurch Call is a facade to destroying freedom of speech, and promoting the transgender agenda."


“While Mark Mitchell is chumming it with the worst Police Commissioner we’ve ever had, the new PM is chumming it with the worst former Prime Minister we’ve ever had.”


“But then are we surprised? Only as recently as 2018, Luxon worked for Ardern as the Chair of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council.  Now he seems to be returning the favour with Ardern working for Luxon continuing in her role as Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call…the passion project of Ardern.” 


“Luxon needs to terminate Jacinda Ardern’s role in the Christchurch Call immediately, and cease the $500,000+ budget per annum she has access to from taxpayer’s money. Luxon also needs to put his foot down and remove New Zealand’s support of the Christchurch Call if they do not return to their original intent of only targeting extremist terrorism online.  As they start down the slippery slope of targeting LGBTQIA+ matters, controlling Artificial Intelligence and much more, they are quickly attempting to erode our right to freedom of speech.  I take issue with this.  I don’t trust Jacinda and her comrades to set the rules and parameters for what we can and can’t say publicly.  I don’t trust their moral compass.”


“Just take a look at the co-founder of the Christchurch Call alongside Jacinda, her buddy French President Emmanuel Macron.  Macron recently had a 50-year-old lady arrested in France for calling him ‘garbage’ online in a Facebook post, and she’s facing a criminal trial.  I’m sure a lot of Kiwis have used stronger language than that many times over.”


“I’ve also noticed Jacinda has had little to nothing to say publicly in condemning the actions of Hamas during the 7th October massacre as they live-streamed their brutal killings, rape, and abuse of Jews.  If ever there was a more profound example of online extremist terrorism, it was the actions of Hamas on that day.  That makes me incredibly angry and makes it even more obvious that it’s never been the genuine motive of Jacinda as she passionately pushes the Christchurch Call forward worldwide. I believe she has always desired to control our speech and our lives as suits her personal agendas, as we saw with her Covid-19 response.”


“And Luxon is complicit in this, as he dithers about continuing her on in this role.  It should have been easy.  His first day in office as PM, he should have been crystal clear and told her to pack her bags and exited her from this role.  That’s why Kiwis put him in the Beehive, to be rid of her and Labour, but he seems incapable of making the hard calls.”


Destroying Freedom of Democracy

Furthermore, Tamaki criticizes Luxon for obstructing a referendum on Treaty of Waitangi issues, arguing for a democratic process where "one person = one vote, with one law for all." 


Luxon, this week shut down the democratic process as he spoke:


“Whether you agree with the position of David Seymour, or not, with his proposed Treaty Bill, Luxon has no right to state that Kiwis won’t get the chance to debate the issue and go to a referendum.  ACT party campaigned on this referendum, National and NZ First agreed to it, in principle, in the coalition agreement, yet Luxon is already blocking it.  Luxon, in his superiority, is undemocratically blocking the voice of the people on this important matter.”


“Kiwis are passionate about this topic, on both sides of the aisle.  It’s no surprise that this past week Seymour has seen a significant bump in the polls.  He has uncovered a sore scab bothering many Kiwis, that requires greater discussion and debate, so we can find a united way forward as a nation.  Instead, Luxon has quickly buckled to pressure from Iwi leaders and is trying to ignore the gaping wound that has been exposed, that is going away no time soon.”


“We are run by a democracy, not tribalism.  The people, as a whole, must have their democratic say, not just a chosen few.” Tamaki firmly states.


Protest Action

In response to these concerns, Tamaki announces plans for nationwide rolling protests, starting with simultaneous demonstrations on Saturday, March 2, 2024, across Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Followed by a mass gathering at Parliament grounds on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 as the crowd put their challenge directly to Christopher Luxon.


“Chris, we’re taking to the streets and to the steps of Parliament to call your actions out!  I promised the public several weeks ago I’d take protest action if you didn’t sort this out…so now, here we go.  It’s not too late…this Monday I’d take immediate action if I was you, so you don’t follow in Jacinda’s steps as the PM with the most protests on their watch.”


Other organisations that advocate for Free Speech are also being invited to participate and speak at these rallies, along with a range of Conservative and Christian leaders from throughout the nation.


Tamaki's call to action is fuelled by his belief in the importance of preserving democratic principles, protecting our NZ Bill of Rights and ensuring that the voice of the people is heard and respected.

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