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The Stupidity of Luxon hiring Jacinda!

Press Release

Monday 4th March 2023

“For a new Prime Minister who campaigned on cutting costs, PM Chris Luxon should have started by cutting Jacinda and her Christchurch Call costs” boldly states Brian Tamaki, the founder and leader of The Freedoms & Rights Coalition (TFRC).


TFRC held well-supported protests in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on Saturday, and a contingent are set to arrive on the steps of Parliament, tomorrow, Tuesday 5th March 2024.


TFRC & Tamaki’s actions are due to PM Chris Luxon recently stating he wants to take Jacinda’s Christchurch Call to the “next level.”


PM Chris Luxon has agreed to continue Jacinda’s role as his own Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call.  This is a continuation of her role as appointed by former PM Chris Hipkins.


Mr Luxon believes Jacinda has done a good job, saying “there’s been some good work done with respect to algorithms with tech companies.”


He goes on to say, “I asked her to carry on and she was very happy to do so.”


Tamaki says, “I bet she was happy to continue.  Just look at the money involved with the Christchurch Call.” 


The Cost of Jacinda’s Christchurch Call:

An OIA released from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet shows what’s been spent in just two years...and there’s been more since.

This comes to a total of $3,178,389 over two years.  DPMC states these costs above do not include ‘corporate overheads’ the cost is even greater to the NZ taxpayer.


“We know that Hipkins allocated her a further $500k in the present financial costs.  While Jacinda has declined to receive a specific wage, she is benefiting indirectly, and she does still have access to a considerable amount of taxpayer money.”


“Our Government has already forked out $917,000 to a non-government ‘OpenMined’ global organisation so they could develop government tools to study social media algorithms and AI’s impact on the world.’s money to spy on us!”


“Luxon is allowing the Christchurch Call to continue so he can spy on us too, just like Jacinda did!”


Luxon has recently admitted he has no problem with restricting Kiwis’ activity on social media, in particular gang activity. He stated, “I appreciate it’s tough and it’s hard but we should try doing something and giving the police some tools to push back on.”


Luxon & Trudeau:

Tamaki continues, “It’s therefore no surprise that Luxon has been quick to cozy up to Jacinda’s best friend, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.” 


In a recent tweet, Luxon spoke about how “New Zealand and Canada’s enduring friendship is personal for me...” going on to say, “I look forward to working together to bolster the rules-based order and advance our trade links.”


Tamaki says, “This is the same Trudeau who has just introduced his Online Harms bill that seeks to prohibit freedom of expression on the internet, with life imprisonment sentences for “hate crimes” and fines of $70k for violating the government’s definition of hatred and takedown orders for content ($20K going to the victim, and $50k going to the government).  What a money-hungry scam by the Canadian government, which probably appeals to the money-hungry Chris Luxon!”


Tamaki states, “There’s no doubt in my mind this is where Jacinda was leading us...probably even more severe than Canada...but we pushed back and stopped her in her tracks.  Now Luxon is trying to pick up Jacinda’s mantle to restrict our freedom of speech, and we can’t allow that either! Arden and Luxon are two peas from the same pod.”


“And for all of the money already spent by NZ and other countries to date, they’ve focused the Christchurch Call on the wrong things...they’ve targeted you and I as citizens...and completely missed the boat in stopping the most horrific and recent livestreaming terrorist event over social media...October 7 when Hamas attacked, raped, murdered, and mutilated Israelis while broadcasting live over social media.”


“The Christchurch is not fit for function and it needs to go!  Jacinda needs to go!”


“I take my hat off to Elon Musk.  The first thing he did when he purchased Twitter, is he fired the team working on the Christchurch Call.  We need that sort of courageous leadership in NZ too.”


Jacinda’s Terms of Appointment:

The wording in Jacinda’s original letter of appointment, states that she is appointed and “empowered” to act on behalf of the Prime Minister as the Co-Leader of the Christchurch Call alongside French President Emmanuel Macron.


Tamaki states...”Let that sink in for a moment...Jacinda is acting on behalf of our NZ Prime Minister, on this global Christchurch Call project. I can’t believe more Kiwis aren’t up in arms in the streets about this.”


It further states:


“Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern is uniquely equipped to deliver enhanced outcomes for the Call.”

“Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern’s role as my Special Envoy is a significant opportunity for New Zealand to make a permanent, positive impact on global internet governance and enhance our country’s capacity as an effective actor on global digital issues.”

“Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern has the subject expertise, relationships and mana to deliver significant outcomes for the Call.”


Winston’s Culpable too:

“Winston’s hands aren’t clean in this appointment either,” Tamaki says.


The Christchurch Call Unit is a joint venture hosted by the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet and also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade...Winston is the Minister of this department.


Tamaki goes further stating, “Between Luxon, Winston & Seymour, they should have had the wherewithal and integrity to know:

  • Kiwis voted National, NZFirst and ACT into office, because they were sick of all the crap Jacinda, Hipkins and Labour were inflicting on us

  • Kiwis do not want Jacinda to have any more influence or control on behalf of our government!!!  Period!

  • The Christchurch Call is a complete waste of taxpayers money.


Recent Poll:

TFRC undertook a recent poll of thousands of Kiwis showing that 95.57% of everyday Kiwis do not want Jacinda to keep her role as the PM’s Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call. Only a minor 4.43% support Jacinda in this role.

“Kiwis want Jacinda to get her grubby mitts off controlling our freedom of speech, particularly online.”


“Kiwis are completely over being censored online when their personal opinions do not line up with the government’s narrative.”


“Mr Luxon needs to stop cozying up to Jacinda and Trudeau.  He needs to stop the DPMC and MFAT working with Jacinda.  He needs to axe the Christchurch Call NOW!”


Tomorrow, The Freedoms & Rights Coalition led by Brian Tamaki will be at Parliament Grounds @ 1pm with their own envoy...The People’s Special Envoy...calling for the PM’s Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call to be terminated.


“I am calling for PM Christopher Luxon to come out and face up to us, talk to us, and explain himself.”

“Chris...Cut Costs...Cut Jacinda & Cut the Christchurch Call!”


Brian Tamaki has sent invitations to Chris Luxon, Winston Peters & David Seymours for them to publicly address the people gathered at Parliament tomorrow. TFRC are still waiting to hear back from them.

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