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21st February 2022

We are in the winning position! Even MSM admits it. We must continue to hold the line at Parliament in unity.

Our First Big Win

Collectively we have dragged the vaccine mandate debate into the public arena for open discussion. All the political parties are now talking about when we will lift the vaccine mandates. That’s a win, whichever way you want to slice it.

Due to public pressure, even Jacinda has today admitted, “From late March, it would likely be more realistic to ease public health measures.....some mandates would inevitably be less necessary after Omicron subsided.”

She also went on to say, “vaccine passes will likely be removed when New Zealand moves away from the red traffic light stage.”

There is no way that Jacinda and this government would have back-stepped on some of these things if they weren’t being so widely discussed in the public domain. These are after all political animals, driven by public opinion.

When she has to keep saying “this is not because of the protestors...” you know that it damn well is because of the protestors.

Our Second Win

We will continue to apply enough public pressure until we get this win...all vaccine mandates lifted by 1st March 2022.

Many Kiwis do not want to take the booster, with this new 1st March deadline pending across key workforces. They do not want to be forced anymore. They do not want to be bribed anymore. TFRC is taking calls daily from those who do not want Jacinda’s booster.

We want to save jobs, and see all those who have lost jobs, be reinstated. There are now significant workforce shortages across all industries that have enforced mandates...and it’s a simple, quick fix...lift the mandates.

Let’s not wait until the end of March as the PM hinted at today. This stalemate has already gone on too long. People have the right to earn a livelihood.

Worldwide we are seeing countries with greater research, experience and pandemic cases than New Zealand, lifting their mandates and learning to live with Covid. By the end of this week, the UK will have lifted all Covid restrictions.

Today, to put it politely, Jacinda was vague. What’s that old saying...”if you can’t be kind, at least be vague.” Today Jacinda only gave most ‘likelies’... and she’s talking after the peak, say after Omicron peaks in 3 – 6 weeks time. And even then, there is no guarantee that we are going to be moving out of what we are in now. So basically, it seems we are still none the wiser. She almost seemed to imply, that the quicker we all help Omicron spread, the quicker we can get back to life as normal. That’s food for thought.

This is very deceptive by the PM. She’s hoping with her vague promises, everyone will fall back in love with her again...she’s been missing the nation’s praises. Don’t fall for it New Zealand. It’s the promise of a carrot, without any real carrot.

Our Third Pending Win

We will raise the lid nationwide on the lies that Jacinda has been peddling. From her podium of truth today we heard her revert back to her original lie when Covid first broke you remember it? Back then she stated that we must all go into hard and fast lockdowns so as to not overwhelm our health system.

Well, considering that was such a concern to her, why over these past two years have they not built additional capacity within our health system. They’ve actually done the opposite in the health profession with mandates seeing plenty of highly qualified individuals walk off the job.

Today, conveniently, she’s reverted back to this tried and true, old chestnut stating our response is no longer based on the number of cases, instead, it is based on the capacity of our health system. Sound familiar?

Also, suddenly RATs are effective in the fight against Omicron. Back when the vaccine mandates were first forced on us, viable alternatives like regular RATs were mocked by this government.

With Jacinda’s record of countless lies (we’d be here all day listing them), can we trust anything she says anymore? Also, who knows if she won’t conveniently find another variant over the next 3-6 weeks to validate keeping us all locked down some more.

So what’s Jacinda’s action plan from here.

Jacinda is now working overtime to paint the protestors as a river of filth, filled with far-right extremists.

We want to make something very clear. The Freedoms & Rights Coalition (TFRC) does not represent any far-right extremist groups or fundamentalist Māori factions. We do not agree with the sentiments and hatred being expressed by these groups. Our proof is in our pudding. TFRC has successfully run 92 protests to date since 2nd October 2021, all of which have been incident-free, violence-free, and hatred free. We will not allow Jacinda, her cronies, or MSM to casually lump our supporters with fringe elements that have popped up on the outskirts of what is a good honest protest taking place at Parliament. The majority of our supporters are good, honest, hard-working Kiwis. Mums and Dads, grandparents, uncles and aunties, who genuinely care about vaccine mandates being lifted. We will not allow our mandate message to be sabotaged.

We will not quietly sit by and allow this government to tarnish us all with the same brush.

TFRC and our supporters do not condone any acts of violence. We do not condone hatred. We do not condone references to hanging politicians or putting a bullseye on the Prime Minister. We do not condone human waste being thrown at police officers. We only condone peaceful protest action. We will not be lumped in with any fringe elements.

Stay the course freedom fighters. Despite all false accusations and conflict.

We must WIN. Why, because no one remembers the losers. And this freedom family, and their actions to date, damn well deserve to be remembered for generations to come.

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