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27th August 2022

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

Political commentators and journalists are scrambling over each other to try and define the new Freedoms NZ party and Brian Tamaki’s new brand of politics.

This week, on the steps of Parliament, The Freedoms & Rights Coalition (TFRC) proudly revealed the early formation of the new Freedoms NZ political umbrella party that they have founded. Freedoms NZ is in the process of registration with the Electoral Commission and will umbrella multiple smaller parties including New Nation Party, Vision New Zealand, and negotiations are ongoing with Sue Grey and her NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party and multiple other parties. Independent Politicians and multiple freedom movements and community groups will also be a force within this new brand of politics.

Many will try to derail, disregard or dismiss Freedoms NZ before it even takes full flight, as the very idea of stepping away from traditional politics seems to freak out the establishment and their cohorts.

We sat down with Brian Tamaki amidst his busy schedule to gain further insight and put some questions to him, as this new party begins to stamp its mark in the political domain.

TFRC: “Why is there a need in New Zealand politics for a new form of umbrella party?”


“This is the Umbrella of Unity and Hope.

Many Kiwis have lost hope in their vote. We need a strong, united political party to cut through the middle of Red and Blue (the voters’ doom loop), to give people a new home to confidently place their vote at the next election, without the fear of it being a wasted vote.

As I have moved around the country with TFRC, the cry from the people in town halls has been very clear…they want smaller political parties and freedom movements to unite. There will be no tolerance from this voting public for smaller parties or politicians who do not have the heart to unite.

It is time for all parties and politicians to put aside their egos, agendas and party politics, for the greater good of the people.

The smaller political parties will be stronger together than apart.

By unifying around the key policy platform of Freedoms NZ, we have more chance together to cross the 5% party vote threshold and gain a place in the next government’s formation.”

TFRC: Why is there so much interest from political commentators and journalists in this new Freedoms NZ party, and trying to define or label it?

Brian: “I believe I am a political entrepreneur, and that scares them. They sense we are creating something of significance, that has never been seen before.

I’ve never been one for labels. I’ve always hated the terms ‘left’, ‘right’, or ‘centre’. I believe what we are creating will be unlike anything ever seen before. It is fresh, radical, exciting and free from all the political jargon and trappings of old.

We are working hard with a lot of incredible enterprising people, across all walks of life, to create a fresh new era of politics.

Forerunners will always be more criticized than followers. Yet forerunners are greatly needed right now in the new political landscape we need to forge. Our present politics are dysfunctional and no longer fit for purpose.

How can you have a healthy country when you have a sick Parliament?

The current options in politics are old and stale. All of the current parties in government are regurgitating old policies and giving them new “buzz-word” names. They are clueless about how to effect positive and sustainable change after they have already destroyed so many sectors of our once strong country.”


“What is an indication of some of the key policy platforms Freedoms NZ will unite around? Let’s say, in relation to freedoms & rights and globalism?”


“That’s putting me on the spot, and we’ll be releasing this soon, but here’s an idea of some of the things I would personally like to see included:

I believe we should enshrine the NZ Bill of Rights so it has supreme law status in New Zealand. That’s a non-negotiable in my books.

We need to redefine democracy in New Zealand. It shouldn’t be this glib, fake, liberal democracy that Jacinda holds to where the people have no say in decisions made.

We need to also distance New Zealand from globalist agreements/commitments, ie. United Nations, WHO, the World Economic Forum and more. We need to cut the apron strings of control that global organizations wield over us.

Instead, we should prioritize patriotism and home-grown opportunities. We need to focus on Kiwis First! Instead of a focus on importing talent from overseas, let’s put more effort into training, empowering and raising up homegrown talent in the professions where we have labour shortages. Let’s empower Kiwis to have Kiwi land in Kiwi hands.”


“As a proud Kiwi of both European and Māori descent, what are your personal views of Māori politics?


“We should not have raced-based politics in this country. We need to unite as one people, where everybody is given equal opportunities to excel and prosper.

I loathe the Māori elitism that has arisen in this country. There is a Māori elite that creams taxpayers' money to the tune of millions of dollars by playing the race card and the much-needed help and resources do not reach grassroots Māori. This Māori elitism needs to be cleaned out of our politics. This current Māori Caucus has received more money for Māori than at any other time in history, yet statistically, Māori are in the worse state they’ve ever been. Many Māori are moving overseas where they receive better opportunities than in their homeland.

We should not be allowing Iwi to have so much power and funding. The establishment of Iwi is a colonial concept based on big corporations. Too much money is going to these Iwi corporations, that does not reach the people. If you ask most grassroots Māori when they last received any form of help or benefit from their Iwi, most will tell you they never have. Empowering families (Whakamana Hapū), regardless of race, would be a more productive model.

There is no place for co-governance.

It should be “free waters”, not “three waters”. Water should be free for everyone to enjoy.

It is disingenuous to try and introduce so many Māori names into our governmental department names and more. We also do not need to rename our country Aotearoa. Our lack of identity as a nation, and the loss of the Kiwi way of life, is not going to be found in renaming everything with Māori names.”

TFRC: What will underpin Freedoms NZ policies?


“Family values…pure and simple!

Healthy families are the cornerstone of a strong nation. We need to do more to self-empower Kiwi families. The government needs to be less involved, and give families more control in their personal decision-making.

Hannah and I are proud to be great grandparents in a strong, healthy inter-generational family. We need more people in political power that have succeeded in building strong healthy families…it says a lot about a person when their family stands with them and supports them, and it’s a very rare quality these days with many public figures.”

TFRC: Let’s be frank, why should Kiwis trust Brian Tamaki being involved in politics?


“Firstly, I am not standing as a politician. I am using my skills and abilities as a leader to bring people and parties together in unity.

Many Kiwis have unfortunately formed their views of me over the years based on the lies Mainstream media have spun about me.

Fortunately, in more recent times, many Kiwis have woken up to the lies and deceit that MSM spin and they’ve taken the time to form a fresh perspective of me. Most people do like me after meeting me and talking with me. I am truly genuine in my desire to help people, and I believe people feel that when they get to know me.

Just take a look at my life, the results are evident. Hannah and I have devoted over 40 years to helping the less fortunate in life, the forgottens, and empowering them to become successful and productive members of society. If anyone knows how to turn around the lives of the underdogs, the less fortunate and the vulnerable…it’s us! Just take a look at the great work of ManUp.

Everyday, hard-working Kiwis, the Kiwi battlers, have had a raw deal from successive governments. I believe the people in Freedoms NZ are going to be the new champions for them.”


TFRC are proud to have founded Freedoms NZ, and the community of TFRC will provide ongoing support and people power to this exciting new umbrella political party. Stay posted for more information and exciting announcements coming out soon!

To become a founding member of Freedoms NZ go to

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