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25th February 2022

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

After seeing our NZ Bill of Rights kicked around like a trash can over the past two years, today gives us all hope that it’s actually worth something in the NZ Court of Law.

Don’t know about you…but we could kiss Justice Francis Cooke right about now!

Our Freedoms & Rights Coalitions Team have right from the beginning always fervently believed our NZ Bill of Rights were under threat. So many of our team have sacrificed much, putting their necks on the line to stand up to this government.

This is a fantastic win for our Freedom community. Take a bow everyone! We have all together continued to apply protest pressure across this nation since the beginning of October 2021. Finally, we are beginning to see some big wins under our belt.

To any of the mockers who thought our 1st March deadline for the government to lift all mandates was unrealistic…today’s win for the Police and Defence Force members in the High Court goes to prove that these vaccination mandates should all be lifted immediately.

This High Court case sets fantastic precedence for everybody who has lost their employment due to vaccination mandates. All sensible employers should immediately retract any notices of dismissal that they’ve issued and let’s get back to work by 1st March 2022.

There should now be some big payouts coming the way of all government employees who have been dismissed or placed under incredible duress due to these vaccination mandates. These employees well and truly deserve backpay and more.

And let’s not forget all of the police and defence force employees who were forced to take the vaccination against their will, due to the pressure these vaccination mandates applied. These individuals must be really brassed off right about now, especially those suffering from side effects.

There is now absolutely no justifiable reason for PM Jacinda Ardern to restrict us with these mandates any longer.

Tomorrow, join us in celebration as we March Out these Mandates across this country and give them a big send-off so that they are ALL gone by 1st March 2022.

Aucklanders, never mind the scare-mongering tactics from MSM to deter from tomorrow’s event. You will all be perfectly safe crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Our local team have been liaising with the NZ Police since yesterday organising the traffic management and they respect our legal right to protest. And no, of course, MSM lied again, they didn’t contact the TFRC team for comment before they went to print, even though they say they did.

Tomorrow, at all of our events we will be outlining what our mass non-compliance plan is for this coming Tuesday, 1st March 2022 at 10am if Jacinda and her government have not lifted all mandates.

Today’s High Court ruling goes to show…it always pays to stand up for freedoms and rights. Never just go with the flow, and what the majority are doing.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Martin Luther King. Jr

Well done Freedom Fighters…well done!

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