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We turned Jacinda!

Is it a coincidence that two days after our Auckland Domain stand, with our Families Freedom picnic, she now frees up picnics, and it’s now safe to be outdoors around other people? What a difference a whole day or two can make…like, seriously!

She knew we would win the frustrated Aucklanders with our stand. So she went against the advice of Hendy, Wiles and other experts who wanted her to remain on a strict reinforced Level 3 across Auckland.

Our public stands were nationwide and the Police and Cabinet ministers were overly persistent in interrogating us for attendance NUMBERS. Jacinda is paranoid about her numbers, and how the public perceives her.

Then on Monday her Cabinet went, for the first time, against the experts. Previously she has said they follow their advice to the letter. But not this time…..she can read the room…and Aucklanders and Kiwis are not happy.

So today, those who are enjoying picnics, meals together, swimming, fishing, hunting etc can thank Brian Tamaki and The Freedoms & Rights Coalition supporters for making a public and visual statement. But even more importantly we have helped force the Prime Minister and this Labour Government to abandon their elimination strategy, even though they won’t admit it and now they quickly look to exit lockdowns sooner rather than later to save face.

The media of NZ and many misinformed and naïve Kiwis got involved in one of the most deplorable acts of publicly lynching Brian Tamaki this week...but even they would have to admit his actions had an impact.

You really should thank him if you feel that little bit more FREE today!
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