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27th December 2021

Next up on the chopping block…parental consent!

This government is now looking to jab little Junior in January. Big plans are already afoot as they prepare mobile vaccination units and ice cream trucks to roll them into your children’s schools when you’re not looking in the New Year, so they can jab your little Johnny or Jenny without your permission.

If you don’t think they’re capable of stooping this low, just remember how they recently lied to us saying they would never mandate vaccinations for the adults. How they’ve already rolled out vaccinations in NZ High Schools behind parents’ backs. How they’ve bribed Māori and Pacific Island with chicken and treats.

Just look at a country like Ecuador where it is now compulsory for all children to be vaccinated.

Whether you are for or against the vaccinations…are you truly ready to lose your right to give parental consent? Who should decide what’s best for your kids….this fumbling and lying government, or you…the parent?

Brian Tamaki is in the news again today for expressing his frustration at the government now putting their vaccine bullseye on our little kids. "We have to speak up and stand up yet again to this bully," he says.

Figuratively speaking he said in a Sunday message that he would “tow their mobile vaccination units away from our schools and blow them up.” Of course, we know he would never literally blow something up, but we can all appreciate the sentiment when it comes to the levels we’d all go to protect our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, except of course if you are NZ Herald reporters who are intent on villainizing anyone who doesn’t stick to the Jacinda-script.

Brian was doing what he does best, shining a polarising light on a national plight in order to create awareness and discussion.

But of course, the NZ Police are neither fair or consistent in how they wield charges under COVID law. Instead, they are biased and prejudiced. Let's see what the police will do this time around. Brian has been a prominent leader within New Zealand for over forty years, he wears his heart on his sleeve, he says what he’s thinking, he is an open book, and there isn’t a terrorist bone in his body. I’m sure most New Zealanders have said much worse when expressing their frustration over the Christmas Ham this season.

And that’s the real issue at hand here…the brewing frustration amongst everyday Kiwis towards this government. Especially as only one side of the narrative is continually rammed down our throats. When is our Prime Minister going to admit that it’s time that she got her stickybeak out of our personal lives, and allowed us to finally get on with learning to live with COVID. That means living without vaccine mandates, living without segregating traffic light systems, living without lockdowns and most of all living without fear.

And just because this Prime Minister is a part-time parent of one, it does not give her the license or experience to think she knows what’s best for all of New Zealand’s children. Just look at her stellar track-record when it comes to truly caring for our kids when she appointed herself the Minister of Child Poverty Reduction…it’s gone from bad to worse under her reign.

Jacinda hasn’t seen anything yet when it comes to protesting action if she thinks the majority of Kiwis will continue to remain docile and compliant as she comes for their kids.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition have plans underway for more action on Saturday 15th January 2022, as we stand up to The Bully as they come after our kids. Stay posted to The Freedoms & Rights Coalition’s communication channels for more information coming soon.
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