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Mandates gone by 1st March, says Brian Tamaki

Press Release

14th February 2022

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

We jealously watch worldwide news as countries like Denmark, UK, Finland, Czech

Republic and more, lift their mandates and COVID restrictions, and we still sit here in New Zealand oppressed and suppressed.

With the rest of the world beginning to wake up and acknowledge that mandates no

longer serve a purpose in democratic societies, why is New Zealand not following?

With our country now having over 95% percentage vaccination rates, why is our Prime

Minister still digging in her heels, and refusing to set a date to release the mandates? Is

she really so cold-hearted towards the unvaxxed that she would continue to try and crush

and squeeze people out of having a livelihood?

In an interview for his personal opinion, we asked our leader and founder Brian Tamaki what his thoughts were on this.

Brian Tamaki had this to say, “Mandates must be gone by March! More specifically, all

gone by 1st of March 2022, being the new deadline for many key workforces to be

boosted, otherwise they will join the ranks of the ostracised and callously labelled

‘unvaxxed’. Why should they lose their jobs when they chose to not take any more jabs?

They have had enough.”

He goes on to say, “The mandates are pretty pointless now that 95% are already

vaccinated and now only achieve the purpose of unnecessarily alienating people.”

He then cuts to the heart of the issue saying, “I believe Jacinda and her government plan

to continue excessive control, and take our country down the path of UN ideology of

Socialism, which has never been a part of our New Zealand way of life.”

No wonder TFRC see so many Kiwis coming out in their thousands to protests. They

absolutely can not stand the CONTROL this government is trying to exert over them. The

pushback against this control continues with our persistent commitment to see these

mandates lifted.

Protest & Parliament

Last week The Freedoms & Rights Coalition team again reached out to The Police

Commissioner’s office, and also High-ranking Politicians, to open up channels of

communication around lifting these horrendous vaccine mandates. It’s what we all

passionately want, especially those currently camped out at Parliament. Mandates are

now superfluous to our needs. MANDATES MUST BE GONE BY MARCH! Both parties

have engaged with us, but to date, we are still waiting for these parties to come back to


And as we wait, everybody seems to want a piece of the protest pie. It’s embarrassing to

see politicians, ex-politicians and wanna-be politicians clambering over the top of each

other for the limelight, attempting to speak on behalf of all the protestors and negotiate

with Police and the Government.

Let’s be clear, they do not speak on behalf of many of us in The Freedoms & Rights

Coalition. We are quite capable of doing that for ourselves, as we have been. We have no

political agenda. We simply care! Where were these political individuals over the past five

months as we ran an incredible 91 peaceful protests around the country? We could all

see this train-wreck coming and we were raising the alarm. We invited some of these

individuals to be a part of the initial leadership of the Coalition when it first formed, but

there was radio silence from their end. We now call out and question their genuine

motives in all of this. If they truly do care, they would have been there lending a hand and

conversing with us over these past five months. They would have been there alongside

us all, prepared to put everything on the line and risk arrest.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition is now widely known to uphold our anti-mandates

position. We have never been anti-vax. Many of our events have been themed around

discrimination from mandates inflicted upon our beautiful country. Our supporters have

come out in their thousands...good, honest Kiwis, who have lost their hard-fought-for

careers across every industry within New Zealand. These are salt of the earth type

people, who are now ostracised in society. Many have never in their lives protesting but

have been so compelled to step out.

We are so proud of the supporters we represent. Despite what Jacinda will try and spin,

the majority are not your far-right extremists. The majority are not protestors who have

imported protests from overseas. The majority are pro-choice, not anti-vax or pro-vax.

Our people are Mums and Dads, Nanas and, caring and

considerate Kiwis who do not appreciate being backed into a corner and given tyrannical

ultimatums over their careers if they do not consent to a personal medical procedure.

These are not sheep easily led. These are clued up, switched on, smart individuals who

know that blind compliance leads us as a country on a slippery slope.


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