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Press Release

22nd July 2022

“The declining quality of life and the incompetence of this Government and opposition has led to our country now reaching “State-of-Emergency” levels,” says Brian Tamaki.

Tomorrow, The Freedoms & Rights Coalition (TFRC) are coordinating massive public marches in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington with the Million Man March in response to the government’s actions.

“It is our intention to cause a major public interruption and disruption. We will likely cause motorway mayhem in Auckland, and chaos in these major cities as we raise public awareness to the damage this government is causing across this country. We will no longer allow this government to turn a blind eye to the pain ‘We The People’ are enduring under their reign,” says The Freedoms & Rights Coalition team.

“With out-of-control violence, high cost of living, hospitals screaming out for staff, GPs overworked and underfunded, the current housing crisis, building and construction material shortages, education problems, mental health crisis, farmers over-regulated, first responders under-resourced, and inflation and interest rates up…we have had enough. It’s not hard to see why NZ was voted the 2nd worst place to live in, only beaten by the country of Kuwait that still undertakes public beheadings.”

TFRC goes on to say, “Our New Zealand government, with all of its crises, are close to collapsing our country. It is crisis after crisis under their control. The only thing next after crises will be collapse! In the wake of all these crises, this government is void of any common-sense solutions. We want to be free from this Government of Crisis. We The People, want to take the power back!”

“Let’s also not forget, the current and intentional undermining of our democracy by this government as they plough ahead with ‘The 3 Waters’ legislation regardless of the huge backlash from the public of New Zealand.”

“Democracy in New Zealand died the day that not one politician of the 120 representatives would come out and talk to the Parliament Protest in March this year. At that time 1 in every 3 New Zealanders said they supported the protesters' anti-mandates message. Politicians should at least have given The People an ear if they genuinely proclaim to serve The People.”

“This final death blow to democracy in New Zealand came about by a cross-party agreement instigated by the Labour government via Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard. Mallard got National, Act, Māori and Greens to sign off on the agreement that they would stop any of their MPs from going out to speak to The People. All opposition parties agreed. At that point, all of these political parties literally betrayed the voter and signed their own political death warrants. We have never seen the likes of such treasonous acts on our democratic rights as we have experienced with this Parliament.”

“We the people are fed up with the present political system and its incompetent politicians who are destroying the lives of everyday hard-working Kiwi families.”

“It's time for our voices to be heard, our children deserve better.

Let's get NZ Back Again….”

TFRC are calling on every person, male or female, to join their Million Man March as they begin these rolling marches tomorrow. The phrase ‘Million Man March’ has been adopted as their ultimate goal to see over the coming weeks a million Kiwis finally stand up publicly and say they’ve had enough…“Then this government will have no choice but to listen,” declares TFRC.

Join TFRC this Saturday, 23rd July 2022, at 10 am for the Million Man March:

· Auckland: Auckland Domain, Auckland

· Wellington: Civic Square, Wellington CBD

· Christchurch: Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch

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