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18th April 2022

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

Right now...there are a lot of homeless votes in New Zealand.

The Freedom community are increasingly growing restless about where to place their vote eighteen months out from the next election. There seems to be little hope on the horizon.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition recently formed The People’s Political Movement, and we are repeatedly hearing from people that they have no hope in the current political party offerings. Many have lost hope in their vote. They have long lost hope in all politicians.

This dissatisfaction likely goes even beyond the Freedom community. The recent 1News Kantar Public Poll showed that 10% of New Zealanders are undecided about where to place their vote.

Minor parties are often dismissed as not being worth your vote as they don’t reach the 5% party vote threshold, so election after election we see a huge proportion of our population forced to vote Labour or National out of the fear of wasting your vote.

It’s time to call for the removal of this 5% party threshold that is undemocratic. It effectively deems some votes worthless.

In the meantime, is it time to also unify all minor parties ahead of Election 2023? Brian Tamaki issued this challenge to minor parties yesterday when he spoke at the Auckland Domain. It’s long been talked about, but now action is desperately required.

Many voters will no longer tolerate minor parties just doing their own thing. The cry is for UNITY!

We put this challenge to all minor parties:

  • It’s time for minor party leaders to put aside their personal agendas and get around the negotiation table together

  • It’s time to UNITE under an umbrella/component party

  • People, over Power! It should not be about who has the power, instead, it should always be about what’s best for the people!

This is an opportunity for all minor parties to rise to the challenge, and show us what they’re truly made of. This is the perfect opportunity to show us who truly cares about the people.

We warn, that there will be no tolerance from the freedom community towards minor parties who decide to just go it alone.

Who will be the first minor party to step forward, and put their party politics aside for the greater good?

We don’t propose that minor parties entirely lose their identity or followings. Instead, we propose that the minor parties should unite under an umbrella or component party. We’ll also be so bold as to suggest the name everyone should unite under: ‘Freedoms New Zealand’.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition see our role as calling political parties and politicians to account. Our recent ‘Lease Your Vote’ initiative has been gladly received. We are taking dormant votes and collectively with tens of thousands of others putting your vote to work so that you have better information to make a more accurate and informed vote. This collective voting power and pressure will effect political change. There has been a huge lack of accountability among parties and politicians, we are now calling them to account and challenging them to listen to the people. And in response to what the people want, we will now attempt to unify minor parties.

We call all minor parties to a round table meeting to discuss the formation of this umbrella party. Any meeting led by a political party will have little impact. As The Freedoms & Rights Coalition is politically agnostic we challenge all minor parties to accept our invitation to meet. This invite will arrive in your inbox this week.

People need to regain hope in their vote. There is no appetite for the old brand of’s time for new politics.

Our freedom community are telling us, a new political model is needed to overhaul a tired and increasingly undemocratic political system.

Our freedom community are telling us, the freedoms and rights of New Zealanders need to be protected, and the NZ Bill of Rights enshrined in New Zealand law.

Our freedom community are telling us, it’s time to future-proof our country for the sake of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Our freedom community are telling us, they want minor parties to UNITE, so their vote is not wasted.

It’s time to listen to the people!

Just take a look at the power minor parties could possess if they unite. In Election 2020, if minor parties had united, they would have achieved 7.4% of the party vote, resulting in nine Members of Parliament.

Minor Parties, it’s time for action. We are calling you out:

  • Democracy NZ (Matt King)

  • Heartland New Zealand

  • New Conservative

  • New Zealand First

  • New Zealand Outdoors Party

  • ONE Party

  • Social Credit Party

  • Sustainable New Zealand Party

  • The Opportunities Party (TOP)

  • Tea Party New Zealand

  • Vision New Zealand

No longer will we allow only one political party to have absolute power in Parliament as Labour currently do. This new Freedoms NZ umbrella/component party could be the future kingmaker.

Minor parties who do not get on board with this call to unity could possibly be committing political suicide.

We are better and stronger together than we are apart! It’s time for action!

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