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How bad do things have to get before Kiwis wake from their COVID coma?

While most are putting their feet up tonight after a long day at work, or perhaps celebrating after another successful protest at the Mt Eden Prison Remand Centre, many are oblivious to the fact our shifty politicians are currently debating under urgency, and well into tonight, new sweeping laws that will allow them to force vaccine mandates on more of society and giving license to their greatly despised traffic light system.

This hastily proposed law is called the COVID-19 Response (Vaccinations) Legislation Bill. These new vaccine mandates will now cover 40% of the New Zealand workforce including hospitality, events, gatherings, close-contact businesses and gyms. And watch out if you’re a business that doesn’t toe the party line…you’ll cop a $15,000 fine.

This new law will affect every Kiwi, across all of this nation, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Under the guise of urgency, and the cover of COVID, they are unconstitutionally conducting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings today and into tomorrow with no select committee process, no public submissions. This government is asserting their control in an unprecedented fashion. Now they are blatantly flipping the bird to all New Zealanders.

This government now dangerously believes they are beyond scrutiny. They believe they are beneath being regulated. They believe they have supreme powers to be judge, jury and executioner over all of us, reaching into every crevice of our lives, without question.

Laws should only be passed under urgency when this country is in a state of emergency. At the very onset of COVID, we were conned into believing that our health system wouldn’t cope with this pandemic therefore urgent laws were a national necessity and we compliantly were herded into harsh lockdowns. Yet, that has never occurred, pure and simple…we were lied to...we were duped…we were exploited by this nation’s most dangerous con-men and con-women…commonly referred to as politicians. Our health system has never come close to being overwhelmed, yet we’ve suffered unimaginable social and economic carnage in many other areas of life due to these laws passed under urgency. We say it again…these politicians are culpable for crimes against humanity.

No surprise that the Chief Human Rights Commissioner has raised the alarm stating that this latest bill has not gone through the proper processes to ensure it does not violate our human rights. Even academics and legal experts are saying the government’s actions are an absolute disgrace, that this new proposed law is not consistent with the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

Yet again, this government is violating our Freedoms and Rights.

This proposed law will alienate sectors of society and create new classes of citizens similar to apartheid.

What’s worse, there seems no clear purpose to this new bill, except as to remind us “who’s the boss?” If they say jump this high, they expect all of New Zealand to jump that high.

This government is now well and truly brassing many of us off. Anger levels amongst citizens are beyond boiling point, beyond just bubbling over…many are ready to explode.

But unfortunately, there are a good number of New Zealanders, still comatose, not ready to be roused from their COVID slumber, or blindly sleepwalking through life…allowing this government uncurbed and unvetted control. One can only hope they stir before their life support systems are switched off, and they find they have no freedoms and rights remaining.

As your head hits the pillow tonight…every Kiwi needs to ask themselves…how many freedoms and rights are you prepared to lose before you finally do something about it?
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