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22nd January 2022

David Seymour MP has just aggressively attacked the parents and children congregated outside Mt Eden prison this Friday afternoon.

David Seymour then took full flight at Hannah Tamaki, verbally bashing her while she innocently tended to her great-grandchildren as they hold vigil for her husband outside Mt Eden prison.

Supporters filmed Seymour yelling at Hannah Tamaki that her husband is going to be in jail for years. Interesting statement from Seymour when Brian Tamaki hasn’t even had his court hearing. Again, this smells like political prosecution, making Brian a political prisoner.

Seymour claims those holding vigil are too noisy for the local residents. The irony is Seymour could barely be heard over the construction noise taking place around Mt Eden prison from major railway tunnel works underway by City Rail Link. His claims were unfounded and ill-formed. Many of his accusations were incredibly racists as he belittled people by their skin colour for not being at work, even though many are self-employed or working remotely.

Local residents have told Tamaki supporters that they’ve been complaining to the council for months about the noise in their street. The Tamaki supporters know this as they check in with the residents and local businesses daily to ensure that they are okay and whether there are any issues that need to be resolved.

This was a targeted attack by Seymour as he turned up in his campaign-branded vehicle to attack Brian Tamaki’s wife in what is already an emotional time. For Seymour to yell at her, using a self-righteous aggressive tone, and then proceed to push one of Hannah’s security, is completely unacceptable behaviour from a Member of Parliament. To yell at any lady at any time is despicable behaviour, especially in front of little children. The Tamaki family have now lodged the incident with the police. Their police liaison has already said how disappointed they are with Seymour’s actions.

Tamaki’s supporters have gone to great efforts to meet with the police every day and maintain healthy communication relations during this difficult time. Nothing about this vigil is convenient. It’s not convenient for the Tamaki’s to be waiting for an innocent man to be released from prison, and they are five days in, and won’t be moving until Brian Tamaki is released.

Seymour needs to take his fight up with NZ Police and the Department of Corrections. They need to release Brian Tamaki, his crime does not warrant this level of imprisonment. Seymour should also be fighting with the town planners, who in their right mind would put such a massive prison, like Mt Eden prison, in such a built-up zone with residential apartments and schools around it. Of course, it’s a recipe for disaster for local residents.

Once upon a time, Seymour claimed to fight for Freedoms...he’s clearly vacated that fight.

Today’s actions by slippery Seymour were a classic example of political staging.

Like the true sewer rat Seymour is known for, he came swimming to the surface looking for some more political oxygen. Seymour needs to slink back to the sess-pools he came from. are supposed to serve the people. Today, you did a crap job of that.

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