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TAMAKI...The Key to Negotiations!

28th February 2022

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

Egos have got in the way of negotiations,” states a spokesperson for The Freedoms & Rights Coalition (TFRC).

As tens of thousands marched across the nation on Saturday, and as the Parliament protest hits the three-week mark since the occupation began, many are asking when on earth this will end? Protests are disruptive, and they’re inconvenient to many. That’s their very nature.

“Over the past three weeks we have attempted to open up direct negotiations with the Prime Minister and her office, the Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, and the Wellington Mayor,” says TFRC.

“We have emails to show in the first week at Parliament we requested for an urgent peaceful sit-down with these officials, and we requested for a leader from each of the Freedom groups represented at Parliament grounds to attend.”

“We asked Brian Tamaki to be our lead negotiator as we believe he has enough respect across the majority of the Freedom community to bring about an effective and peaceful resolution at Parliament grounds and move the Wellington protest to the place they’ve always wanted.”

“As the founder of TFRC, he ensured that every protest we hosted was peaceful and without violence. And while he is currently unable to participate, we carry on in that spirit in everything we do, and now we’ve facilitated a total of 99 peaceful and respectful protests since 2nd October 2022. That’s quite an accomplishment.”

“Dialogue with a top Government Cabinet member and a top cop reveals why they won’t allow negotiations and we’ve reached a stalemate with these protests being resolved. These insiders confirm and provide evidence that Brian Tamaki would be too successful at resolving the Wellington protest, and their two bosses do not want him to have that type of success due to his political views.”

“In the meantime, we have to endure well-meaning individuals trying to put their hands up as ineffective negotiators, from post politicians, Iwi and Kaumatus, to the Human Rights Commissioner and celebrities. But, whether you like him or not, why would you look past the father of protests, Brian Tamaki, who has initiated mass protest action across this country and unified the freedom community across the nation?”

“What could it really hurt for Politicians and Police to humble themselves for an hour or two, and listen to Brian Tamaki led negotiations with the protestors?”

“So Ardern and Coster would rather allow these protests to continue indefinitely, causing considerable inconvenience and pain to the public and frontline police, rather than putting their egos aside for the sake of the greater public good.”

“The economic cost of protests is huge with local businesses impacted. It’s costing the taxpayers millions of dollars for frontline police to be present. These protests are doing immense damage to our Police force as their officers are stressed, their public relations are in tatters and many call for Coster’s resignation.”

“Yet, protests are essential in a democracy. When the people are not being heard by those in power, when those who represent them are no longer representing their best interests, the people must make a stand.”

The presence of TFRC is significant at Parliament. While not the original organiser, TFRC was invited to help lead when the wheels started to come off. The team from TFRC bring peace and order when they are present. TFRC have cemented their reputation across this nation as the organisers and masters of peaceful protests.

Add to this, the team from TFRC, and even top cops who dare to speak out, will also tell you our Police force has a failed philosophy in dealing with protests, and their approach breaks down all forms of proactive negotiation. Gone are the days when NZ Police knew how to effectively police while upholding the public’s right to protest. Their persistence to antagonise and charge organisers, all while demanding these same organisers work with them, halts all positive interactions.

“Any proactive measures from the protestors are blocked by the egos of those in political and policing power.”

We have a Prime Minister and her team of politicians, who will not front up to their people camped on their front lawn.

What’s the solution? Is democracy going to be the winner here or tyranny?

Everybody should put aside their egos and meet immediately tomorrow for negotiations.

Otherwise, we need to remove those in power who can not put their pride aside to do what is best for this country and enter into peaceful negotiations.

It will be time for ‘Cuddles Coster’ as many call him, to resign.

It will be time for Trevor Mallard to be stood down as Speaker of the House for misconduct. He is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with our politicians with his childish and condescending behaviour, and why we need to clean out this government.

It will be time for a vote of no confidence to be called against Jacinda Ardern and the Labour government.

It will be time tomorrow, Tuesday 1st March 2022, for the people to enact united non-compliance.

If the Prime Minister will not do what’s right and drop all mandates, we will drop them for her.

We the people have the power.

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