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Press Release

25th September 2023

Thursday marks the conference of the UNA-NZ, hosted by Sir Ashley Bloomfield, where they will tackle how to Advance Agenda 2030. Originally planned as an in-person event in the Parliament Banquet Hall, it’s now moved online to avoid ‘disruption’ caused by our protest.

Undeterred, many Kiwis still want to protest to voice their disagreement with Agenda 2030, as the UNA-NZ are still plotting and scheming on this day, albeit hiding away behind closed doors. Protestors demand New Zealand break free from Agenda 2030’s influence over our government and nation. Regardless of whether we are heading for a Red or Blue led government, Agenda 2030 has a firm grip on future decisions our major political parties will make.

Protestors unite for various personal reasons, but they share a strong disdain for our corrupt politicians who are hell-bent on control, with Agenda 2030 as their guiding doctrine. Agenda 2030 encompasses 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that profoundly impact our lives, and more Kiwis are waking up to this fact.

Agenda 2030 covertly stirs much of the nationwide division we endure today – race, gender, climate change, wealth, vaccinations, and more.

For instance:


SDG Goal #13 is 'Climate Action.' Many Kiwis have had enough of the climate change narrative shoved down our throats, especially our beleaguered farmers and growers burdened by unworkable regulations in the name of climate change. It's clear they want protein-based diets for us and smaller farms. We stand with Groundswell in their Drive 4 Change convoy, rejecting another three years of a Labour-led government.


The Transgender Agenda has infiltrated most SDGs, pushing its agenda into education, health, social and political inclusion, justice, and more. This has manifested itself vividly in our schools through NZ's 'Relationships & Sexuality Curriculum,' leading Kiwi parents to homeschool their children out of mistrust for state indoctrination. The UN's SDG website is flooded with documents related to 'sexual and gender minorities' and more.

Furthermore, the intrusion of transgender individuals into women's safe spaces and sports has women feeling targeted. Gender equality under the SDGs now seems to apply to anyone other than biological males or females.

Many parents will march on Thursday demanding the government 'leave our kids alone,' with kids leading the way out the front of the march.

‘The Soapbox’ segment will feature at the Civic Square providing an opportunity for many women to be heard in public about their growing concerns.


Kiwis are increasingly frustrated with race-based policies and co-governance madness stemming from Agenda 2030, bolstered by UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples). Government departments' rebranding with Māori names and the forced integration of Te Reo at every turn, including the renaming of New Zealand to Aotearoa, has left Kiwis confused, and wondering “how did this happen?”.


Many in the freedom community opposed the WHO's global influence during the pandemic, further dividing our nation between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Little effort has been made to bridge this gap, and protestors aim to safeguard against future global control in the face of potential pandemics.


The advancement of BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street trying to dominate global markets and acquire a significant share of our trading companies has Kiwis rightfully concerned about New Zealand being sold out to foreign interests. Shockingly, our government takes pride in their relationship with BlackRock.


Many Kiwis are irked by the vanishing parking spaces and narrowing roads in our cities, a result of the push towards 15-minute cities, linked to SDG #11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities.

We could go on…but you get the idea. We believe Agenda 2030 is bad news.

The influence of Agenda 2030 is stealing away our Kiwi Way of Life, and Kiwis have had enough!

Jacinda Ardern made no secret that she openly embraced Agenda 2030 and integrated it into every area of domestic policy, but we need to swiftly apply the brakes!

Enough is enough. We demand New Zealand cut ties with Global Control, Agenda 2030 and all its detrimental offshoots. We want our voices to be heard before the nation heads to the polls.

This week, our revolutionary Convoy of Courage sets off for Wellington, with two legs starting from Cape Reinga and Bluff on Tuesday morning. The Trucker Convoy, which ignited the Wellington Occupation in February 2020, will also join us.

Enroute, Campaigns of Courage will rally in Hamilton on Tuesday night and Levin on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning, the Convoy will converge with the crowd gathered at Civic Square in Wellington before marching to Parliament.

At Parliament's steps, expect to hear Freedom Leaders, including the inspirational Brian Tamaki, Co-Leader of Freedoms NZ and founder of The Freedoms & Rights Coalition. Tamaki states, “These are dangerous times we are living in. We have a government that is not fit to govern, they are not transparent or accountable to parents and the public with their agendas.”

He goes on to say “This has gone too far! We are seeing minority forces having too much influence on our Kiwi Way of Life. Agenda ideologies have overrun our country and political parties. I will present a new way forward for Kiwis so we can reclaim the New Zealand that we once knew and loved.”

“If we do nothing, they will come for our cars, cows, cash and children!

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?”

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