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The Rising Revolution

Opinion Piece

11th June 2022

Brian Tamaki

The need to now shift from ‘Career Politicians’, Party Politics and away from the two-tiered, stale dinosaurs of National (Blue) and Labour (Red) is becoming a rising tide.

The world and the ‘switched-on’ are already showing signs that political change is inevitable. They are looking for fresh, honest and transparent people who live and successfully work among us. There are ideas and answers among us that are ready to spring forth but could never see the light of day in this present political swamp.

In the recent Australian election, we saw a massive swing by voters away from the two major political parties, as many voters opted instead for the Independents…the Teal Independents have upended Australia’s politics. Australians are reported to have overwhelmingly sent the message that politicians need to change and reflect real people…that the two big parties need to shape up or ship out.

Back home in New Zealand, Party Politics and Parliamentary Sovereignty are now been exposed for all their true colours. They neither serve The People (like they are supposed to), and neither do they promote the power, voice or the needs and concerns of The People. For true democracy and power to return back to The People...The People themselves have to want it enough to vote differently!

We are watching the Tauranga by-election with keen interest as we believe a larger portion of the voters will swing their votes towards minor party candidates like Sue Grey, Andrew Hollis, Allan Cawood and more. This should hopefully give us a snapshot of the country's appetite to move away from voting your traditional blue or red. If the minor party candidate’s vote combined is higher than 5% in the Tauranga by-election...we could be in for a massive 2023 upset in the general election as a lot of the minor parties look to unite as they seek the public’s party vote.

In the previous 2020 election, if all of the minor parties had united, they would have obtained 7.4%+ of the party vote, giving them approximately nine seats in Parliament. This would have significantly changed the construct of our Parliament. There is power in the minor parties' vote.

Unfortunately in New Zealand, working against our democracy, we have a very ‘biased’ mainstream media…our media only cover news and politics in a way that favours either National or Labour. MSM feast on this power they weld by consistently feeding this partisan political plague to the public as MSM leave out fair coverage and inclusion of minor/smaller parties and their fresh ideas in political news and debates. MSM consistently rig polls to suit their narrative as well, by asking limited questions of the public. MSM works against true and fair democracy in this country. Whereby the Electoral Commission are militant about all political parties being given equal opportunities in an election, MSM works to the completely opposite mantra. MSM loves to be able to heavily influence our election results.

Yet, take heart! There is a ‘Rising Revolution’ that’s now underway in New Zealand politics. There is a national enthusiasm amongst Kiwis who love Family, Freedoms, Flag, Faith and a Better Future for our children and grandchildren. It is heartening to see the growing support of smaller political parties who are keen to unite for the greater good of Kiwi families who want and deserve better. These smaller parties have fresh ideas, skilled people, and a passion to return to the New Zealand we once grew up in.

The time of ‘career politicians’ is now coming to an end in New Zealand. A new breed of politician is on the rise in New Zealand. Politicians who have lived life experience, are honest and integral, have good morals, have a genuine heart for the people, salt of the earth type people with common sense, skills across multiple industries, and are in tune with the voice of The People. They are loyal to The People over Party politics, they love this country first and foremost, and they are family-focused and next-generation minded.

Join The Freedoms & Rights Coalition on this exciting journey, this ‘Rising Revolution’, as we bring power back to The Voice of The People, and as we influence minor parties to unify their efforts together ahead of the General Election 2023. From here, it’s only going to get even more exciting.

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