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Press Release

16th August 2022 - 4.00pm

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

Today, The Freedoms & Rights Coalition (TFRC) has written to every Member of Parliament requesting for a courageous MP to stand up and move for a vote of no confidence in this government. Please find a copy of our letter attached here:

Letter - Motion of no confidence - media
Download PDF • 114KB

Parliament next sits on Tuesday 23rd August 2022, which coincides with the date The Freedoms & Rights Coalition will be gathered with thousands of supporters at Parliament grounds calling for a vote of no confidence in this government.

“Let’s cut to the chase. Kiwis have lost confidence in this government. This country is in crisis across multiple sectors. We are a country in crisis because we have a government of crisis. Even though we are Kiwi battlers, we cannot tough out another year under the control and incompetency of this government. This government must go…NOW!” says TFRC.

“Instead of another by-election, let’s go straight to a snap election. We will save taxpayers a lot of money.”

TFRC would like to see a caretaker government immediately installed until such time as a snap election can take place.

On Tuesday 23rd August 2022, as a part of their peaceful protest, TFRC will hold The People’s Court on the steps of Parliament where they will provide further evidence of this government’s incompetency.

“When we protest, we use brains…not brawn,” says Brian Tamaki, the leader of The Freedoms & Rights Coalition.

“I will say it yet again. I am not standing for Parliament. I will however support the uniting of minor parties and freedom movements, to give voters a viable voting alternative to the usual doom loop of voting red and blue,” says Mr Tamaki.

“We need to save our country from this government of crisis. Most Kiwis would now be aware that this country is going in the wrong direction. This is our time to get New Zealand back again, and now is the time for us to have our say,” says Mr Tamaki.

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