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Today is demand day! It’s decision day! It’s deadline day!



The Freedoms & Rights Coalition continue to consistently apply pressure to this government and raise public awareness to the magnitude of frustrations brewing across New Zealand. Many Kiwis connecting with us are relieved to finally have a community where they can relate with others frustrated at the loss of our freedoms and rights, and our numbers continue to swell with every pending peaceful protest.

As a result of our actions, we are seeing Labour tumble significantly in the polls, and the appetite for the other parties isn’t much better. To also hear that 75% of New Zealanders believe the worst is yet to come in the pandemic reveals the depth of the lack of confidence everyone has in this government.

Even the MSM, with their blatant blinkers, are resigning themselves to the fact the tide has well and truly turned, Jacinda has lost her lustre as she back peddles on many issues, and this Labour government is on its way out. The question remains, how much debris and damage will be left in their departure? This next election can’t come fast enough, and we predict Jacinda will try to defer them as long as possible under the cover of COVID. But we need not wait that long, we the people can still take action now to effect change.

Today, we’ve given this Labour government until 2 pm to return the following freedoms to New Zealanders. 2 o’clock is long enough for them to make any big announcements at their 1 pm press conference.


  1. Revoke all workplace vaccination mandates immediately (Monday 15th November 2021 deadline looming for many workers - No Jab, No Job)

  2. Revoke discriminating Traffic Light System (that segregates society into two classes of people...vaccinated and unvaccinated)

  3. Move all of New Zealand to Level 1 (let's learn to live with COVID-19)

  4. Remove Auckland Border (it's time to free Aucklanders)

Otherwise, The Freedoms & Rights Coalition will be activating The Great Gridlock tomorrow. These are rolling gridlocks across this nation, across multiple days, for the foreseeable future, that will congest cities and towns on a mass scale, creating all manner of chaos and restricting supply chains.

This chaos on key arterial routes in our cities and towns will be reflective of the social chaos we are currently suffering under across this nation, at the hands of this Labour government. This present government is taking us in the wrong direction.

Brian Tamaki says, “We are directionless as a nation, driving in circles. Auckland is hemmed in by unethical borders, and left circling its circumference.”

Therefore across the greater Auckland motorway network this Saturday The Freedoms & Rights Coalition motorcade will literally be ‘driving in circles’, as the great gridlock occurs.

Brian Tamaki goes on to say, “Auckland seems condemned to drive in circles for the rest of our lives. We’re treated like we’re separate from the rest of the nation, as we have to show papers at our Auckland barricades that are reminiscent of papers shown at international borders.

We want to be FREE TO DRIVE! Free to get out of this city. We can’t go to tangis or funerals, weddings, or beaches and baches. We are disconnected from family and friends. Kiwis love a good summer roadtrip, and no matter what ‘step’ she’s given us, let’s be real...we’re still at Level 3. We are not free! Let’s not easily forget what has been taken from us.

And the pending Traffic Light System will be even worse. Any Aucklander will tell you that we absolutely hate Traffic Lights. Many actually run traffic lights.”

This socialist government that Jacinda is building is not our new normal. We are committed to fighting for our families futures as long as it takes to see the NZ we all believe be returned to us. And this is not just about lockdowns or vaccinations. This is about every freedom, and every right, on every level of society that this government is violating. Just look at Three Waters and the unworkable conditions for farmers.

If the government does not make significant moves today, they ought not to think that the protests are going away. If anything, we’re just revving up and it will be even harder to curb the rolling protests across this nation from this point forward.

Stay tuned to our social platforms as today progresses.

At 2pm today we will release further statements with our next steps.

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