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Activation Plan for 1st March 10am

Today, The Freedoms & Rights Coalition and our united freedom family declare MANDATES GONE BY 1ST MARCH. New Zealand has long suffered under the tyranny of this government. This government have inflicted a raft of mandates upon this country. We say NO MORE!

Our politicians have been drunk on COVID power. Their overreach was particularly evident in the High Court ruling yesterday that reveals MP Michael Wood didn’t need to introduce the big stick vax mandate for Police and Defence Force workers. The Police & Defence Force were using common sense and they already had the matter in hand as they redeployed unvaxxed staff, they didn’t need the government to stick their nose in and bring in a heavy-handed vax mandate.

This type of ideological over-reach has long been overplayed by Jacinda Ardern and her politicians with all of these mandates.

They have crippled our country, killed businesses, destroyed people’s livelihoods, and imposed significant mental stress on millions.

Deadline: We have given the government until this Tuesday, 1st March at 10 am to lift all of their mandates that infringe on our Freedoms and Rights, or else we will initiate UNITED NON-COMPLIANCE across this country.


We are asking all New Zealanders to give their consent to this.

In short, from 10 am this Tuesday, 1st March 2022 we want all Kiwis to now behave like all COVID-19 Public Health Response Act orders and notices have been revoked.

This country is no longer in a state of emergency.

Many countries have now removed all mandates and COVID restrictions, why hasn’t New Zealand?

If this government will not do the right thing and lift all mandates, we the people will lift them on their behalf. After all, this government only govern by our consent. We the people have the ultimate power. And we do not consent to these government mandates.

We have learnt to live with COVID. This Omicron variant is widely published as being milder or similar to the seasonal flu.

So, this Tuesday 1st March 2022 at 10 am we will:

1. Revoke All Work Vaccination Orders for:

  • Border and managed isolation and quarantine facilities

  • Health and disability sector

  • Education sector

  • Prison workers

  • NZ Police

  • NZ Defence Force

  • Fire and Emergency New Zealand

  • Workers covered by the My Vaccine Pass mandate. Food and drink services (excluding take-aways), events, close proximity businesses, and gyms

  • Tertiary education premises (under Red settings)

This means, from 10 am on Tuesday 1st March we declare:

  • All Employees who have lost their jobs due to work vaccination orders or vaccination policies, need to be immediately reinstated.

  • All government or big business employees are to be back paid to the date of dismissal, issued an immediate apology, and compensated for the duress and discrimination they’ve endured

  • All small to medium businesses need to fling open their doors and immediately welcome back staff dismissed

  • Employers will no longer ask employees to disclose their vax status

If you have lost your job, make plans now and prepare to return to work this coming week.

If your workplace will not reinstate your position this week, we will immediately undertake united class-action lawsuits against workplaces on a grand litigation scale never seen before in New Zealand. This is in addition to the High Court cases already underway for the likes of NZTSOS and more.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition and our wider Freedom family will support everyone in these lawsuits.

2. Revoke ‘My Vaccine Pass’ Mandates, including:

All businesses and organisations will now cease implementing My Vaccine Pass mandates.

No longer will there be any discrimination or segregation of two classes of people in society.

This means, 10 am this Tuesday 1st March:

  • No more coercion to get vaxxed or boosted by 1st March

  • Takedown all COVID-19 related displays and signs in businesses (if you see them, rip them down!)

  • Get rid of all COVID-19 related equipment, including safety shields and more

  • No more checking for vaccine passes anywhere upon entry

  • Get rid of those annoying NZ Pass Verifier apps that businesses have been forced to use, scanning vaccine passes

  • No more staff resources wasted with staff being unnecessarily positioned at business entries checking for masks or passes

  • No more capacity limits anywhere in society, including businesses, events and gatherings

  • No more threats from Work Safe trying to monitor or fine businesses. They will no longer be permitted to enter businesses regarding COVID-19 issues.

3. Remove All Traffic Light Settings

Kiwis now need to be trusted for decisions and responsibilities of their own health and well-being.

We want to return to life pre-COVID. It is now time to learn to live with COVID.

Allow all individuals the freedom of choice.

If someone wants to wear a mask, they can choose to, but it’s no longer mandated.

Our children will no longer be mandated to wear masks in the classrooms.

Workers, including teachers, correction workers, retail workers and more, will no longer be required to wear face masks. They will have freedom of choice.

Let’s treat COVID now like the flu. As in the past, encourage people to stay home if they’re sick, but it’s no longer mandated.

Government cannot legislate for our health and wellbeing any longer. This has to stop.

New Zealanders can be trusted to be responsible for managing their own health and wellbeing.

4. Revoke All COVID-19 Infringement offences

No more fines or threats of imprisonment.

All charges, offences, fines issued under COVID-19, are to be immediately cleared and apologies issued.

This applies to individuals targeted, including many from within The Freedoms & Rights Coalition team.

This also applies to businesses unfairly fined or charged by Work Safe.

All fines are now wiped, and no longer need to be paid.


We are now going to get on and learn to live with COVID.

Our NZ Bill of Rights have been violated for too long. The High Court ruling yesterday hit this home.

It is time for our freedoms and rights under the NZ Bill of Rights to be prioritised, reinstated and upheld by all courts across this nation.

We call for the NZ Bill of Rights to now be immediately given supreme law status. Our NZ Bill of Rights should never be tampered with again.

All NZ Bill of Rights violations are to be immediately corrected and compensated.

Let’s outline our freedoms and rights we have fought for:

  • Our right to refuse to undergo medical treatment

  • Our right to not be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation

  • Our right to not be subjected to torture or cruel treatment

  • Our freedom of thought, conscience and religion is to be honoured

  • Our freedom of expression is to be honoured

  • Our right to the manifestation of religion and belief is to be honoured

  • Our freedom to peaceful assembly (like with protests) is to be honoured

  • Our freedom of association (like with gatherings) is to be honoured

  • Our freedom of movement is to be honoured

  • Our freedom from discrimination is to be upheld

  • Our rights as a minority are to be upheld

  • Our rights to not be unjustly searched, arrested or detained are to be honoured (like in the case of Brian Tamaki and many other freedom fighters)

All of these freedoms and rights listed have been under attack. NO MORE! We are taking them all back!

We declare that individuals now have freedom of movement.

We declare that our personal medical decisions will now remain personal. No longer will there be pressure or mandates to disclose your medical or vax status.

We declare that no Covid coercion will exist in New Zealand anymore.

We declare that businesses can now fling wide their doors to welcome everyone, with no discrimination or segregation any longer.

We declare that businesses are no longer burdened with Covid compliance or closures.

We declare that our kids can get on with life, free to play sport, free to perform, free to go to places of entertainment and education, no longer wearing masks.

We declare that churches and places of worship can get back to meeting as normal.

We declare that Kiwis no longer need to live in fear of fines or offences for not obeying unjust laws.

We declare that Kiwis no longer need to live in fear of a flu-like virus.

We declare that Kiwis no longer need to live in fear of future lockdowns or restrictions upon their freedoms and rights.


Say with me...I AM FREE TO BE ME!






Thank you Freedom family for fighting this good fight with us!

Let’s bring home the long fought for VICTORY this week, as we remove all mandates!

We are so proud to stand alongside each and every one of you!

Let’s celebrate.

We can all be proud that we stand on the right side of history in these monumental times.


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