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5th September 2022

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

It’s our 1st Birthday today!

On the 5th of September 2021, Brian Tamaki boldly founded The Freedoms & Rights Coalition in response to a government that was overstepping its mark big-time! Our mission has been clear from the very beginning…THIS GOVERNMENT MUST GO!

We could see that this government was overreaching in their control.

The Prime Minister was going too far with her daily 1pm publicity stunts.

This government was messing up our country with their policies.

It would be fair to say, over this past year we’ve been a constant nightmare to this government, a right pain in the arse. They expected that Kiwis in this country would remain quiet and compliant. Yet, we’ve seen over one hundred thousand Kiwis join us in our protests, standing up to this government, standing up for their freedoms and rights, and standing up for future generations.

Due to the pressure we’ve all applied to this government, we’ve seen them pressured to release their control over us in many ways over the past year. It’s been a fight all the way to see lockdowns lifted, Auckland borders lifted, some mandates lifted, vaccine passes lifted, segregation dealt with, travel bans lifted and control lifted. If we hadn’t collectively made so much noise, there’s no doubt they would not have released their control so soon.

There is still some way to go though, as we’re still not rid of this government, masks still plague us, some critical sectors still have mandates hanging over them, and we’re still not free of these nasty traffic lights or the COVID-19 Public Health Response Acts that hang over our heads. We also recognise the importance to enshrine our NZ Bill of Rights. Many Kiwis are still healing and recovering from the damage and Covid fatigue this government has inflicted on them over the past three years.

But the good news is, we’ve still got plenty of fight left in us in The Freedoms & Rights Coalition. We are full of hope that we will win and this government will be gone soon. We are determined to get NZ back again…a NZ free from government overreach.

Since Saturday 2nd October 2021, when we first stepped out to protest in a big way at the Auckland Domain, we’ve hosted 167 peaceful protests over the past year. Every event has been well organised and safe. Three of those protests have been on the steps of Parliament.

We must give a special mention to our Southern supporters here – they have protested more in the South Island than anyone due to the constant raw deal they get from a government who do not care about them.

Jacinda Ardern will now go down in the history books as the NZ Prime Minister that had the most anti-government protests ever during her tenure…that’s thanks to all of us! This will be her shameful legacy.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition has appeared in something like 7,940 news articles over the past year as we’ve dominated headlines in New Zealand and also been reported on all over the world.

Some of our social media videos and posts have each reached over a million people and our online engagement has blown us away. It’s been massive. Your support has been massive.

Many in our team have paid the price, with quite a few being unjustly charged by the police.

Our founder, Brian Tamaki, has made more sacrifices than most. For his boldness, he has been charged multiple times, imprisoned for 10 days, placed on 24-hour home curfew for another 68 days, and continually stalked and vilified by mainstream media. Yet, this man’s courage, standing up when no one else was, has given many others the courage to also stand up and fight for their freedoms and rights. As Brian Tamaki now moves around the country, hundreds of Kiwis come up to him in public to shake his hand and thank him, to congratulate him, for being bold enough to stand up for everyday Kiwis. Many everyday Kiwis recognise that this man put constant and consistent pressure on this government, challenging their control every step of the way. Many Kiwis have woken up to the lies mainstream media have spun about this man over the years.

Brian Tamaki was definitely no newbie to protesting. He was vocal from the outset when New Zealand went into its first lockdown at the beginning of 2000 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic when he appeared on the AM show with Duncan Garner. Brian has been a thorn in the side of successive liberal and controlling governments since way back in 2004 when politicians abandoned just being lawmakers and they started to mess with the social construct of this country, thinking that they knew better. 18 years on, it’s clear that Brian was right, successive governments have destroyed our social construct with every sector of our society now a real mess.

We are now determined, more than ever, to see this government removed.


We’d like to thank the hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who have joined us at a protest thus far, who have supported us, who have cheered us on. We applaud you! Thank you for standing up for our freedoms and rights for the sake of future generations. You are a legend. You have made history!

We’re on a mission to document the personal stories of as many Kiwis as possible who have protested over this past year. Tell us why you protested, and why you made a stand. Please go to: to record your story and even send through your photos.


The Freedoms & Rights Coalition is solution-focused. TFRC has now successfully launched the new umbrella party Freedoms NZ. This umbrella party is uniting smaller political parties, both registered and unregistered. We’re uniting freedom movements and people groups, independent candidates and influencers. This umbrella party will be a mosaic of passionate people who are determined to see this government gone, introducing a fresh new approach to politics into Parliament with the goal to see the government have less control, and people have more personal say over their families and future. There’s a home for everyone in our new party. Become a founding member by signing up here: Join Freedoms NZ as we become ONE today in unity.

Let’s see this through until completion!

We’ve come this far in standing up to this government. Let’s take it all the way and see them soundly removed from power, and better politicians introduced who will fairly represent 'we the people'.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said “no one is free until we are all free.”

We’re in this until we are all free!

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