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15th October 2021

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition

Press Release

How long will we allow the oppressive nature of this government’s voice to define us as a country? Every day at 1 pm they facilitate another fearful, brain-washing press conference from a podium of untruths.

As Kiwis, we would like to naively believe we live in paradise, free to live and raise our families as we wish and determine our own future.

Yet, instead of living in the land of the long white cloud, there has been a depressing grey fog that we’ve allowed to overshadow us, all at the hands of this oppressive government.

Many may say, it’s not the government’s fault, it’s the fault of this nasty virus.

Yet, don’t forget who let this virus gain access to our country. This government allowed this virus to enter, and now every day Kiwis are the ones continually paying the price for their incompetence. The government were given ample warning from abroad, and we had the benefit of being a remote country with vast seas surrounding our borders. Yet this government has failed us at every turn to effectively manage the border, to manage MIQs, to manage testing, to manage ICU capacities….the list goes on and on.

However, this government always capitalises on a good crisis. They have seized this opportunity with glee and sought to punish us, to silence us, locking us down, fleecing us of our freedoms, trying to dupe us into believing they are the only source of truth. They won’t allow any healthy open debate or questioning of their actions.

The effects of this government’s action will be long lasting on New Zealanders, for this generation and many future generations to come. They are not assessing or even reporting on the horrendous effects on society due to lockdowns:

  • Increases in Family Harm (Domestic Violence), including child abuse and miscarriages

  • Increases in Suicides and Parasuicides

  • Increases in Loss of Employment/Careers

  • Increases in Business shutdowns and bankruptcy

  • Increases in Mental Health issues

  • Increases in Financial Hardship

  • Increases in Health conditions being untreated

  • Increases in Students falling behind in their learning

  • Increases in Divorces and Relationship breakdowns

  • Increases in State Dependency through wage subsidies and benefits

  • Increases in National Debt

A lot of this pain and suffering could have been avoided if this government hadn’t taken such a nanny-state approach, where they’ve sent us all to our rooms and grounded us like we’re misbehaving teenagers. If you’re not familiar with the nanny-state term, it’s when a government interferes unduly with personal choice. They give too much advice and make too many laws about how people should live their lives.

Just think, imagine if this government had treated us with respect and dignity from the outset, and allowed individuals and families to make their own informed decisions. Enough of this discriminative, dividing and degrading talk about protecting vulnerable people like Māori and Pacific Islanders, insinuating they are too incompetent to make informed decisions. If this government, had just presented the facts and then allowed the Kiwis to make their own personal choices, we may not be seeing the serious social carnage that we are at present.

South Dakota in the USA presents an interesting contrast. This state has applied a ‘freedom-first’ approach to the COVID pandemic and they have much lower COVID death rates than states like New Jersey and New York who enforced strict lockdowns, devastating their economies and people in the process. The South Dakota governor has also not mandated vaccinations or put restrictions on businesses. This state has never ordered a single business or church to close in the pandemic fight. They never declared some businesses essential, and others unessential – the governor said she had no authority to declare someone’s livelihood ‘unessential.’ Instead the governor has encouraged people to take common-sense precautions at their own choosing. The governor has instead focused the state on building hospital capacity. This has allowed businesses and families to make their own decisions on how to best deal with COVID. Their children have continued learning in their classrooms. They have maintained social, economic and mental health, and haven’t seen an increase in suicide rates like other states have.

It’s time our New Zealand government treated us like adults, not adolescents, and trusted us to each make responsible, informed decisions over our own lives. We will no longer be grounded!

This Saturday, 16th October 2021, at Auckland Domain we are hosting a peaceful Families Freedom Picnic that everyone is welcome to join, as long as you wear a mask and maintain social distancing. We have a range of guest speakers who will share at this picnic about their personal struggles under the tyranny and mandates of this government. The speakers include a doctor, a teacher, a business owner, and a farmer.

We are also hosting a Freedom Run motorcade of motorbikes, classic cars and tractors. They are riding and driving to raise awareness of the 1005 lives that have been lost to suicide over the 19 months since the first lockdowns began at the beginning of 2020. 696 of these lives were in the year ended 30 June 2021. This government is not allowing these shocking and gut-wrenching statistics to see the light of day, but we will be shining a light on this nasty plight taking many lives at the hand of these lockdowns….these lives lost are way more damaging than the 28 COVID deaths New Zealand has experienced. The lives lost through lockdown suicides are way more concerning and avoidable than the COVID death fear peddled.

Never has it been more important for New Zealanders to stand up for their freedoms and rights. We want better….we deserve better. We care about our fellow Kiwis and don’t want to see any more lives lost to suicide. We have had enough of lockdowns and levels.

We the people…will no longer stay silent, stay still or shut up.

We the people…have the power, not this government.

We the people…we want change!

Find out more info about our events at

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En réponse à

haha the fun thing about this is the word facts while not providing any. Go to pfizer or are you too scared? less than two years ago you got paid and advised about the risks involved in a drug trial we already know that Justin Trudeaus party gets a kick back payment for every single vaccine their taxpayers buy, I wonder what the labour/national coalition is getting? something from MOH for ya, you know,, facts


There is a conspiracy. A huge one. One designed to keep you under control. And to make money off you. This is Destiny Church, there is no freedom and rights coalition. Brian Tamaki is a thief, stealing the future from the poor and down-trodden. Free yourself. Don't believe this shit on this site.

En réponse à

In the current situation however, he is doing a much better job than the PM who is stealing everybody's tax money and raping and pillaging NZ businesses and private people.


There is a conspiracy. A huge one. One designed to keep you under control. And to make money off you. This is Destiny Church, there is no freedom and rights coalition. Brian Tamaki is a thief, stealing the future from the poor and down-trodden. Free yourself. Don't believe this shit on this site.

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